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The Bill Clinton Administration Research Paper

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❶Message to the Congress Transmitting the "Goals Exchange With Reporters on Haiti.

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Essay title: Bill Clinton

This speech must be reviewed with the idea in mind that this is not the first time that Clinton is speaking on the subject. However, in view of later developments, it became necessary to take a different tack.

The ordinary man on the street might feel this, that he submits to Big Brother on occasion, because he must keep his country great and intact. In the next paragraphs he owns up to his mistakes while emphasizing the mitigating factors.

He also stresses that he never asked anyone to practice deception for his sake, which statement seems to be intended to call attention to the fact that he is not a heartless cheating bastard or a predatory boss. He did not ask the women in his life — his wife and his mistress — to cover up for him, or to risk their integrity for him as he could have done so easily, as some unscrupulous men would have done quite easily, were they situated in a position as powerful as his.

Clinton then proceeds to attribute his silence to a lapse in judgment. The earlier tactic of brazening out a tricky situation seems to have backfired, and thus must be transformed into, or presented as, keeping quiet out of the desire to protect the innocent — those who cannot protect themselves. He also reminds the public that there was a politically motivated lawsuit — one which was subsequently dismissed — that was ongoing at the time the scandal erupted.

Now the image includes political enemies, whose popular image would be, like the media, that of predators: Power-hungry individuals out to destroy a man who is only trying to do his best.

In touching on this investigation he says: This has gone on too long, cost too much, and hurt too many innocent people. The unspoken truth here is that this process will be more difficult than the public one. He says that the people he loves most are his wife and daughter. Such statements are rather like a Hallmark greeting card — bland enough to slide off without anyone taking umbrage or questioning the validity of the statement. At the same time, the cliche carries with it great power.

I must put it right, and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to do so. If America is a great democracy, then the rules that apply to you and your neighbors down the hall or across the street apply to the president too — and not just rules, but privileges. The turn of phrase is made even more pleasing by the suggestion that this time, it is the nation — the man with his beer on the couch, watching tv, the mother preparing dinner, that has the power. And this way, the passive viewer gets to feel that he or she actually gets to do something that matters.

Then Clinton, in the last three paragraphs, draws matters to a close. It is at this point that he ceases to be — at least within the framework of this speech — the beleaguered and erring politician, or the earnest, hardworking father and husband who has made the mistake of an office dalliance.

For example when he brought up how Republics blamed the Democrats for the failing economy, Clinton rose up both holds and stated his argument with a higher tone. Even though he was standing behind the podium he had a lot of movements with his upper body, turning side to side to directing his statement to everyone in the convention center.

His speech was very extemporaneous, he did not have any note cards or a teleprompter in front of him. He spoke with great conversation skills and at a rate which makes it comprehensible. The speech also had many pauses which I feel gave the audience a time to applaud and process the information.

At the end of the speech Clinton wrapped it up with a story and spoke with confidence that America will be strong again if Obama is re-elected for the presidency. During the speech Clinton showed a few weaknesses while addressing his speech. Clinton stuttered at certain parts of the speech. I believe hate is a strong word and that could ruin his credibility. I also feel that he should state the source from where he got his statistics.

Some statistics he said were too broad which I feel that also brought down his credibility. Also there are many times where he directly attacked a person and I feel that he should talk more about the accomplishments of his party rather bringing another person down.

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Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe IV on August 19th in Hope Arkansas His father died 6 months before his birth. His mother married Roger Clinton in June of

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- Bill Clinton's Scandalous Presidency William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States, was one of the "most popular American presidents of the 20th century", and the second president to be impeached (Dumas 1 of 15).

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Bill Clinton Bill Clinton was the best president in the past 50 years. William Jefferson Bill Clinton was born August 19, He is a distinguished USA politician and served as the 42nd President of USA from – (Chris, 1). At the age of 46, he became inaugurated and thus, considered among the youngest presidents in the USA history. Bill Clinton After being governor of Arkansas for the past ten years of his life, he began to become impatient. Clinton had bigger things on his agenda, and he was eager to get started. Clinton was ready to make his high school dream a reality. Clinton announced his intention to seek the Democratic presidential nomination/5(1).

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Bill Clinton was born at the Julia Chester Hospital in Hope, in the state of Arkansas. Bill Clintons full name is William Jefferson Blythe III. His Father was William Jefferson Blythe Jr. Bill Clinton's impact on the economic policy As the 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton was in the position between and During his tenure as the president, Bill Clinton had economic policies implemented, that have been commonly referred to as clintonomics.