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One of the people interviewing me we were talking about baseball. I applied through an employee referral. I came for training the following week. I interviewed at The Home Depot. Easy waited to be seen heard the person infront of me knew what was gonna be asked. Drug test off site. The hiring has become an call phone but I didn't make of my language and I was trying to hiring again it was to late and I came to job corps and now I trying to get it back.

I interviewed at The Home Depot in February Submitted application online, received an email from Atlanta corporate about a week and a half later to schedule a phone interview yes, for an entry level retail position. Received a phone call a few days later from the store location for an interview with an associate manager.

Interview went well and a second interview was scheduled for two days later with the head manger, was offered a job at that second in-store interview, accepted and officially hired after a simple drug test. Went in and did a simple interview. I got hired on the spot.

Did a drug test and background check right there. Managers made me feel comfortable and valued. The process took 1 day. Pretty standard interview, I was an internal hired that was referred by a friend so they asked me more about my experiences within the company and what I what were my strengths and weaknesses.

Group interview, there are at least 6 or 7 other people in the room also looking for the same job, so it becomes very competitive. At least 3 supervisors sit in to grill you. The process took 2 days. Multiple interviews with two or more people. If offered a second interview you will be interviewed with those who will be either your team lead, supervisor or your supervisor's boss.

In a second interview, they are sizing you up to determine whether or not they want to work with you. We will be back. The appliance was delivered and installed while I was hospitalized. Cannot see inside glass is black. This item cooks very slowly and not quite hot normally anyway. We have to keep adding more time for it to cook.

I will go to Sears. The person I spoke to , like the person in Schenectady, was very understanding and knowledgeable about my problem, the area, the situation with my daughter. He had me fill out paperwork, made an appointment to have the roof evaluated, and gave me a confirmation Later that night I got a call from a young lady who wanted to confirm the information.

We did so, but somehow it came up that the house belonged to my daughter and not myself. I was then told that my daughter would have to make herself available to the HD roof inspector. It was not inspected because she could not AND would not be available. The other HD sales professionals were completely helpful, understanding, and willing to give me all their accumulated knowledge.

Wow we were in your Vero Beach Florida store and was helped by Christa in Appliances She is the reason we returned and purchased our appliances from her later that same day. She was truly amazing answering all our questions and made spending what we considered a small fortune a pleasant experience, Thank you.

At the end of March I contacted our local Home Depot plumbing department, told them that I planned to purchase a new water heater for my home and asked Home Depot if Home Depot would also be installing it.

Stewart Eastridge Pkwy. Seguin, Texas phone: We have purchased several items from Home Depot and this last time has been a disaster. Price wise you were the same. Well to say we were happy with the customer service. The worse customer service I have ever received. The Mentor, Ohio Home Depot should close teh doors the way they treat customers. Staten Island Forest Ave Store. I am offended by her hat Krystal is not wearing a hat that was bought in a store.

Krystal went to the store and had that hat made. How can Krystal say America was never great? She has no respect for America by wearing that hat. Why does she continue to live here? She has Offended many Americans by parading around in a hat that states; America was never great. It is an insult to Americas and all the American citizens who live here. She has no respect for the Military who gave their lives and fight for her freedom The fire and police Officers who protect her.

She has no respect for teachers who taught her and her children and family. She has no respect for the store who gives her a salary. Everyday Krystal gets up as has freedom of speech, drives a car, votes, has a job, comes and goes as she pleases. It that is her true feeling maybe she should go to another country where she wont enjoy such freedoms. Krystal should not be threatened or harmed. I feel sad for her. We are a nation of wonderful people and America is great and always will be.

It is people in this country who spew this poisonous hatred like her. She will want to defend herself and will get away with hateful words about our country. But think about it; if we all wore what we thought about everyone and everything there would be mayhem. People need to choose their words wisely. Maybe she should not parade around with her thoughts on her head I am no the biggest fan of our president but I do not state my true feeling on my clothing for the world to see.

Like the many other citizens who do not. We have become a nation that is uncensored and unsensitized to others feelings. We have no remorse or regrets. America may have lost its way but with the help of Trump he will make our country powerful and great once again. There are many actors I will not be watching any more because of their stupid remarks. I guess as long as Home-depot supports this mentality about our country.

I will no longer be shopping there. Someone did not single her out because of her color they singled her out because she was disrespectful to all Americans of every color and Race. They evaluate and establish the charges. Everything has a charge! There are charges for removing old carpeting, for taking old carpeting away, for prepping the subfloor, for moving furniture, for moving HERAVY furniture.

For rescheduling because they are unprepared for installation. So Day 1 they claim the carpeting is not on the truck and they will be late scheduled installation 8AM. Installers will be here between 1 and 3.

Day 2 arrival at 7: Possible rescheduling of installation pending, me hiring independent movers to move furniture. Have to hire movers to come move furniture out of rooms so carpeting can be installed. That being said here is my issue. I cannot access your site I assume it is because my IP address is from another country, I have had this issue before with other site such as Craigslist, and certain department stores around the area, but all I had to do was email them and they would do what ever they do to unblock the site.

Thank You and I look forward to your email. I was having a difficult time finding some items and someone on the phone telling me things to pick up. Confused about what to get, one of your employees was there and offered to help.

I asked his name, it was Paul Ghezzi….. He talked to my husband over the phone and he was very knowledgeable, diligent and focused to make sure we had every thing we needed. You need more employees like him. I was at another Home Depot yesterday, on Florida Ave. Many of the cashiers are giving friends the military discount when checking out and I witnessed one cashier CM, ring up her grandfather and not charge him for a tool.

The manager James is aware of the problem and does nothing to those ripping off the store. I just wanted to relay an experience with your Springfield, Missouri store today. I live 2 hours away and went to this store because my husband had checked online, and the store said they had some specific tiles he needed. He gave me the name, description, size, and company name. I went to a young man who I assumed was in customer service. He was seated at a computer, and spent about 15 minutes trying to find the tiles.

Finally, he told me the store only had 26, and they were on aisle 2 on the left hand side. I went to where he told me, and there were no tiles there at all. I walked around until I found the tile aisle, looked for someone I might ask about them, but no one to be found. There was a man showing something to another customer on a computer, but he never even looked my way or said anything. I then went to the aisle where the tile were, and there were two boxes of tiles, but not the exact size I needed.

Needless to say, I was so frustrated, I left the store, and will not be back. Bu the way, I found the tiles I needed at Lowes, and they were very willing to help me. Home Depot had wonderful displays and selections. I wandered a bit. Occasionally a store employee would ask if I needed help. My request for directions was accurate and I found your employees to be around and willing if asked to help. And then I went to the back of your store to look at cement stones and such, when I was approached by a lovely middle aged woman who did NOT ask if I needed help…..

She did not push product at me, but was oh so knowledgeable out her department. I purchased many garden items including heavy concrete stones. I so appreciated her personal touch and her desire to serve the customer. Please tell her how lovely it was to work with her. She is indeed a lady. This year June one hour heating and cooling came out to service my unit again with the same problems not cooling my home, his note read diagnosed system found system is low on refrigerant. Mike Brown the tech said I have a leak in the system and he need to test the system with dye to see were the leak is located.

If the leak is in the unit or from in proper installation this should be cover under the guarantee. This is an unnecessary inconvenience for me and my family for a unit that is less than five year old. Hope you can help.

Frank who works in the electrical department at the Laguna Niguel store was once again was extremely helpful. He is the best! Most of the time I need no assistance and seldom speak with anyone. I often find as I did today, that the item I am looking for is not available. I also think that when you sell a product that requires replacement filters, batteries, etc.

Your staff was totally in the dark about the GE reverse osmosis filters yet made no attempt to find the answer. I try to support local retail but find it often a waste of time. Within 5 minutes of returning home, a quick online search produced the 3 filters I needed.

By the way, your website offers them although the price is considerably higher than other sellers. Had you had them in stock at your store, price was of little issue and I would already have them installed.

Traditional retailers are forcing people to buy online. The growing number of stores that are closing is a direct result. Weak service staff, out of stock or non carried items, expanding self check outs, etc. Thank you for reading this. D customer; I love H. D, and I enjoy being and employee, but as of late I am not happy with an customer experience I had recently. I was thrilled, like a kid waiting for xmas ; since it had been 3 yrs that I had owned a washing machine. The washer was delivered on the 8th of July, and much to my surprise it was damaged on all 4 sides.

Had fence installed… was very disappointed with the whole project. Have contacted Home Depot and Backyard Solutions and neither have responded back to me.. I will spend the rest of my life warning everyone not to EVER shop with your company! The treatment my family received from you was criminal. The fact that my son, a military vet with PTSD AND my handicap granddaughter have to suffer and live in a house that is now unsafe because of you, again is criminal. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Please send all ads to primetimerealty2 yahoo. No one around to help for the next 15 minutes and then left the store. You lost out on a purchase of a GE dryer tonight. Very poor service twice in one day at two Home Depot stores. First visit at 8 am 4 guys standing near my special order were too busy to help me, the customer, bring the product up to the loading area.

They were talking about how to unload a truck. Second experience a few minutes ago. After paying last week for a door to be measured and that cost to be credited towards the purchase so said the person in the store, and as advertised by HD , it was not going to be credited back to me.

And the charges were heavily padded and not the same costs as was quoted when I came in last week, and as is advertised in the store. The assistant manager had no clue as to how it works and could not explain the pricing, the policy or procedure. I cannot rip off my customers and provide poor customer service the way Home Depot does. But many hours were wasted.

Hello, My name is Donna. I shop at the home depot on shaw and willow in clovis ca. I had the pleasure of meeting a young man by the name of michael. He was busy helping another customer and was getting an order together when he saw me and asked me if he could help me with anything.

I replyed that when he got finished helping the other guest that was also shopping in the tile s ection that he could help me. Not only was Michael a awsome forklift driver but helped me get all the flooring shower tile everything that I would need to get my bathroom finished. Michael was very knowledgeable and walked me up to the front of the store where he introduced me to adell and asked her to finish up with my order so that it could be delivered to my home.

What a very nice youngman and Adell was sweet also. I would like to have these 2 people known as 2 very important people in their jobs. What a wonderful experience.

Thank you for having all kinds of choices and great customer service. Always ask for Michael. He knows his way around the store and knows about everything. Thank you home depot. I had a great customer service experience yesterday and today at your store on Magnolia St Huntington Beach, Ca Today I was helped by a lady on the customer service desk. I was very impressed with her knowledge and kindness. I was also helped by Tamara when I checked out at 1: All of these employees were outstanding and had great customer service skills.

I find that the commercial where the man is singing show me a mountane is ridiculous. What is a mountane? What do you think our mentality is?? Hello I am very upset to say the least about my dealings at your Cornwall Home Depot store. I was told that it would take days to get it if it was in stock,so I paid for it and placed the order. After a week still no call saying it was in,I called to see if it was in. I was informed by the lady I spoke to that the product was not in stock and that would not be available.

She told me that I would have to come into store and pick another color and it would be a considerable higher price,or get my money back. So I went back down to store to pick another color that would be suitable for my customer,I found something very close to original same finish,style but was told by sales person it would cost over double price price of original. I went back to my customer to see if color was suitable,and I would have to absorb the extra cost as I had already given them a price.

In the mean time I had contacted Formica to inquire about the original color I had ordered,i was told that it was indeed in stock and a current available product. Totally confused and upset I returned to Home Depot and again inquired about previous product.

The sales person gave me again a totally different price again! Totally confused and upset I asked sales person to find out what was going on with this,which he said he would and get back to me next day,it is two days now and have not heard anything.

My costumers have been two weeks without counter tops in their kitchen,my credibility with them is gone,and they are looking elsewhere to get there countertops done. In the mean time I have no Formica no answers and Home Depot has my money. I have spent thousands of dollars a years at Home Depot in materials for my business,and have spent thousands personally building materials,appliances,wood pellets and have also directed many people to Home Depot to purchase materials for their home renovations.

I will be taking my business elsewhere from this point on,as well as directing people to purchases materials from Home Depot. Totally confused and upset. Hello, I went to your website to order a new range. So I had to have it delivered. Was supposed to come today between 3 and 7 pm. Just had a call at Guess you install dishwashers at midnight. So I had to reschedule for Monday. No range all weekend. So whoever decided not to allow ship to store is a complete moron.

You know what store is right across the street? Military discounts are not the same as in the US. After going trough hurricane Maria I thought that you were custommer and veteran oriented company.

I will never buy from UR company again, I ratter pay more at another place than buying from UR company. My husband just returned from your store on University Pky. He bought 40 units of sod. When he asked some one if he could have help loading it, he was told no one was available.

He tried to catch the eye of several employees in the lot and was ignored. He is 70 years old with high blood pressure, but he loaded all himself.

We will never shop at this store again. Lowes is farther from where we live, but we will go there from now on. I am extremely upset!!! Last week, my husband took the lid of a paint can from a few years ago to get another gallon of that SAME color paint. He brought it home and I started to finish painting the room.

I noticed it was not the same shade on the walls and ceiling. I looked at the old and new lids and noticed the numbers did not match only the name of the color. She assured us that the colors would match. I spent money on that gallon of paint only to have to go back and get another gallon to repaint tHe room.

I still have a number of rooms left to paint and new doors to put up throughout the house. I would like to know what you are going to do to fix this problem. Thank you, A very angry customer. S ARMY and served 21 overseas fighting for this country so we could be free. I called the store asst mgr MIKE and he told me pretty much same. They also removed the poles in the parking lot for the vets. Home depot lost a great customer and i will past this info to my local vfw and american legion posts in northeast new york.

I first reached out to Home Depot, asking for an in-home consultation about the purchase of windows. I was assigned a contractor and date on which he would come to my home. On the day before the scheduled appointment, the contractor called me. He indicated that he had an opening in his schedule and wanted to come a day earlier. Rushed home to meet him. He did not show. When I contacted him, we agreed to keep our originally scheduled appointment.

On the day of the appointment, he called me. Again he said he had an opening and wanted to come an hour earlier. I agreed and rushed home from work. He did not show an hour earlier, nor did he show for the scheduled appointment, nor did he call with an excuse.

I made a third appointment — which was scheduled for today — Monday, Nov 27th — at 6: On yesterday, Sunday, a message was left on my home answering system at 9: The caller called to confirm my scheduled appointment. He confirmed the time as 6: No one called or came during the 6: The guy had cancelled our scheduled appointment without having contacting me!!!

No more in-home services from Home Depot for me! Stephanie in Coral Springs helped us on the kids workshop today because we did not sign up by e-mail for the project. However, she mentioned that besides having a Christmas project only, you could have a Chanukah project at the same time, perhaps a dreidel. We do not celebrate Christmas so a Christmas ornament, the alternative to the Gingerbread house was not appropriate for my children.

The merchandise came in a huge, heavy box which the driver left at the end of a very, very long drive way. The driver should have brought the heavy box to our porch … just saying the delivery of the box and where the driver left it is totally unacceptable!

Is there a video somewhere that will show me how to remove the dual glass on an Anderson series door. I want to remove them to clean the glass and remove a couple of dead flies. The other would have been a lot easier to clean. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I bought appliances for my new home during the black Friday sale and arranged delivery to my rental home because I did not think my new house would be ready for them.

So now Home Depot has missed out on adding the set up fee and future business from me. Your customer service needs a lot of attention. JeldWen warranty department was very unprofessional with me. However I did get a full refund for the door and I was given the defective door. My problem is with the store manager who according to Paul he ordered the door for me she was busy in a meeting. Yet he was able to talk to her on the phone and see her in the back for about 20 minutes while I waited at his desk.

I wanted compensation from Home Depot and an opportunity to share my experience with the Store manager, Letty. I even asked when would she be done. I was willing to wait. I was there on Saturday 27th at Not once did your store manager appear. I will never make a major purchase at your store. I am 70 years old and have shopped at Home Depot for decades.

He had to locate the item I wanted in the rafters and then get someone to drive the machine to reach it at the top to the store. This took over a half hour and he was courteous and explained why it was taking so long. I tried to tell them in the store that I wanted to tell the manager how great he was but they said no you have to do it on line.

This site is not user friendly. You probably get less good things because of this. My husband and I would like to thank Home Depot for their friendly and helpful customer. We found the one that we wanted with the help of Darrius, but unfortunately this location was out of stock. While this may seem like ordinary customer service, we appreciated the help we got and in the timely manner in which Darrius helped us. This is why we will always be loyal to Home Depot. Will no longer be doing business with home depot.

You want to punish Laura Ingraham the consumer will punish Home Depot. The reason that I returned it was for a credit on my Home Depot charge account. First, i would like to say that i have never done this before, to where i have complained to customer service about the service that I had received at a store. With that said, the women at the customer service desk was very short with me and called the assistant store manager, Ron Linington. I was neither rude nor irate.

Linington was adamant about not taking the pump back as a return. Even with me bringing and showing him the lifetime warranty clearly stated for that model printed on the owners manual.

I was treated like he had something against me. I explained to Nate basically what is listed above, and after giving him the pump model number and manufacture date, he then informed me that this particular pump does indeed have a lifetime warranty and to return it to the Home Depot store again.

Well, instead of facing the humiliating experience again, i am contacting you for guidance and assistance in this matter. Please contact him and myself on how to resolve this issue. Also, please inform Mr. Dennison that his assistant managers should maybe want to investigate these types of customer issues and not just reject a claim that is in black and white print.

Karin who works at the Brice Rd. Reynolsdburg store in the cabinet department is outstanding. She found me the hinges I needed for my kitchen cabinets. Made phone calls to distributor and had them delivered for me to pick up!

She was friendly and very efficient. Called me when she said she would. I know I am not the only customer she had but I was very impressed! We would like to acknowledge the outstanding service we received from Ciara Enlow at Home Depot Peters, Missouri From beginning to end she was informative,knowledgeable and courteous. We were impressed by how young she was but how professional.

We were purchasing in one state and delivery and setup in another. She made this such a very easy transaction for us. If Home Depot does some kind of recognition of such outstanding customer service she certainly deserves it. Thank you and keep hiring those kind of people.

By doing so you are making an asset to your company in a highly competitive market. I used to shop at Home Depot for all my home fix up and upgrade needs.

Home Depot advertises that they always have the lowest price! In the future I will check prices before I buy anything from HD. So far I spent 45 minutes just trying to get to talk to a human being about the receipt of a damaged 3. As you can see I have not yet succeeded. I have decided to keep the freezer as is, but think that I should be compensated for the damage.

I have a picture available of the damage. This is the order WA I would appreciate receiving a phone call One more comment—- Who ever delivered the freezer does not know how to handle these packages, because it was delivered to my front door up-side-down.

I wish to compliment your Lima Road Fort Wayne store. You have at least 2 employees that deserve kudos for their great customer service. First off Celina who helps at check out assisted me with the purchase of a gas grill. She was having trouble getting pricing. Since she was very busy, I offered to retreive the sku from the dispay model.

I appreciate this unsolicited perk. The second step goes out to Justin who heped with loading. He went out of his way to assist me in securing the grill in my undersized vehicle, including tieing it in. Bless you Home Depot for empowering these employees to help the customer. As a long long time home depot customer I always make home depot my first choice of shopping places for all my projects. However, today Memorial Day , I went to home depot expecting to find some sales or discounts.

I had been putting off buying a weedeater until Memorial Day. I told her not to worry about it. Being a veteran I told here to give me the military discount. I just want to let you know that some need a little more training than others.

Please fix your website! I tried to register to place a order on Friday All I saw was a orange ring going around and around and around. Finally had to call my order in. Never was able to set up my account with my password even though I got a email from your company to do so without seeing the same orange ring go around and around. Very aggravating to say the least. Delivery set for May 29th. The last delivery date I received was for June 23 almost a month after I had ordered the appliances.

Each time I asked for a permit date could never be given and the weather help was available. I finally had to buy from a local appliance store.

Upon my return to Home Depot to get my refund, there was not enough cash in the vault that caused an issue. I was offered no compensation for all the trouble that I went through and waiting for almost a month for the appliances. I do not believe that I will be able to buy from Home Depot no more I have never received an apology or an updated reason except that the appliances were out of stock and there was no date for a delivery of them.

He went above and beyond looking for a replacement part for an old Kohler toilet. Sure enough, he found a piece that would work. Me and my wife brought doors from, Home depot in Bethel Park, Pa. They sent the wrong door for my back door. The gentleman who came to pull the doors in. You can call the number above while abroad for free using our GetHuman Phone.

Trying to verify news article that Home Depot provided plywood free of charge to those Home Depot rented a truck to my son-in-law never mentioning that most car insurance pol Customer Number - by the Numbers Phone number to dial.

Call picked up by a real person. Best time to dial. Navigate phone maze to a human. Rank among phone numbers. Tue Sep 11 This phone number is Home Depot's Best Phone Number because 57, customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback.

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