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How long can you sit in Starbucks before somebody kicks you out?

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❶Jim Romenesko Not affiliated with Starbucks Corporation obviously.

September 09, 2009

can i do my homework at starbucks
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This report will show the results of comparison of your paper with the papers ever submitted to Turnitin, but the text by itself will never be saved to that database. Dave F September 10, at Every time I hear about this topic I'm reminded of the Family Guy episode where the two guys are working on their laptops in Starbucks talking about how they go there so people will see them working on their laptops. Interesting point regarding the other customers I'm a frequent visitor up to three times a day , and am always aggravated that I can't find a seat to sit for just a small while.

But I don't get a seat. But someone else can take advantage. If you ask me, the real losers are the "good" customers. Jo Ann September 10, at Don't know how it is elsewhere, but in New York there is a real risk of picking up bed bugs by sitting for hours at Starbucks. I'm a customer who worked out of Starbucks for a few months while I had bbs being very careful not to carry them around and wasn't allowed at work until I was sure I was over them.

While spending those many many hours I overheard several conversations that indicated other people sitting around had infestations -- who knows how careful they were being. I personally wouldn't have a problem with it, but we get very little sit-down traffic compared to some locations. We're a massive drive-thru store, and we don't have enough customers motivated enough to actually come in for there to be any seating shortage.

Moe Szyslak September 11, at I should correct myself based on what I said in another thread - we don't get much sit-down traffic although we get a significant amount of traffic coming inside, they just don't stick around. I meant to say we don't have enough customers motivated enough to actually come in and sit down for there to be any seating shortage. Moe Szyslak September 12, at As long as they buy something it's not really an issue for me, especially since our cafe is rarely full enough to where someone can't find a seat.

Then she sits at the biggest table, alone, for hours on her computer, and will not leave at close even as we pester her relentlessly in the most legendary way possible, of course. That I cannot support. I can't drink too much caffeine, but I often need the space. It's only fair that the staff get something for seeing my ugly mug for hours on end: As for the electricity: I only do this in independent coffee shops BTW, if I have to do it in Starbucks, I know that I'll come in umpteen more times with customers and without my laptop.

Wil Jansen September 15, at If they are polite, then I've no problem with them staying around the lobby all day. As long as they buy something it's fine. It feels great to know that some people would feel comfortable enough to stick around all day. DoctorsPepper September 15, at Unless they are causing an issue who cares. I realize that they may crowd that cafe sometimes but if they are a good customer you should consider it a complement to your store that they are comfortable enough to stay that long.

Why not connect with them, learn more about them so they will then begin to want to contribute to the company that is providing this environment for them SBUX manager September 23, at A few months back a local paper ran an article relating how shops that shut their wifi off during peak times actually lost business in the long run.

A few of the Paneras actually reversed their policy of shutting it off at lunch rush, because it chased away their regular customers. I'm a grad student and do a lot of studying and paper writing at Starbucks But, I also buy other stuff from time to time Plus, I often meet friends there and bring in additional business that way. As one person noted, people hanging out there is what makes Starbucks unique.

I would never go to Dunkin Donuts to do homework Something about sitting in hard plastic benches Starbucks has captured something unique in their stores - even if some people knock it as "created" community aren't all communities created?

Even before my grad school days, I would go to Starbucks to read the paper or hang out with friends. I try to be polite with my internet usage, I take a small table out of the way and don't strew stuff all over the place. I've seen some people take up a four place table while people are standing around for lack of seats. CaffineJunkie September 29, at I work at an extremely busy store. It's really not uncommon to have a double wrapped line on a Saturday while a couple of people hang out and take up premium seating for several hours.

This really does not bother me in the slightest. If asked, I always encourage common courtesy toward your fellow human beings, but there are more important things to worry about than how much wifi time someone is using. Starbucks has positioned itself to become the 3rd place for many customers and this is exactly what they have achieved. I enjoy seeing the same regulars at the same time every day.

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