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Love and Love Relationships

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❶The more we give, the more are the returns.

Power of Love and Relationship Essay Sample

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It is doubtful whether love has anything to do with human intelligence because Nature seems to have automated this feeling in many animals for the propagation of species. Even in humans love seem to belong to the heart rather than the mind. However, in the animals love stems from the selfish feeling of belongingness and filialness as part of the survival mechanism. Only humans can rise above their selfishness and extend universal love. Although we do not see many people doing it, we know that they can extend universal love and compassion if they spiritually prepare themselves to overcome their lower instincts and natural desires and manifest their higher nature.

We do not know how far true love may manifest in sexual and conjugal relationships, but we know that it can happen as the culmination of prolong spiritual effort and self-transformation. Loving relationships have also a correlation with mental maturity. Mature and mentally stable people are more likely succeed in finding harmonious relationship or fit into such relationships. In life you are more likely to be drawn towards people who share with you common features, interests, motives, values and goals.

Love in such cases is but an extension of self-love. Conversely, if you do not like yourself, you may also not like many people. The following essays deal with love, and how to find self-love and acceptance through loving relationships.

Featured Article 1 2 3 4. Hindu Way of Life. This is turn, validates who we are. So, both are supported; no one loses; no egos are involved; and, so doing, we honour the relationship. This is what it means to have a supportive relationship.

This is the desired goal. Now, how do we accomplish it? Our conduct patterns, 'positive' or 'negative' get set as we grow up.

In order to clear a problem, one must identify the original cause which created a behavioral pattern, move through the experience of that situation and experience the emotions associated with it. The healing process is a time when we must be loving to the self. If we beat up the self about the experience which had caused us harm or our past reaction to it, then we cannot heal. In being loving to the self, we validate what we had experienced at that time. Our emotions are always valid. So, it is important for us to do this self-validation in order to heal.

Love is the energy which helps us heal-whether we give this love to ourselves or receive it from another. Loving relations start with the self. When we look at having supportive relationship in our life, why not start with the self?

Because that is where love comes from. This is what transforms our relationships and our lives.

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Power of Love and Relationship Essay Sample. We learn as grow from children into adulthood that all relationships dont last and they were not all meant to be.

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This free Miscellaneous essay on Essay: Love and relationships is perfect for Miscellaneous students to use as an example. words short essay on loving relationship If we fail to have supportive relationships in our life, how can we have the "perfect love" relationships? Through the act of supporting, we honour and validate who the other person is. This is turn, validates who we are. So, both are supported; no one loses; no egos are involved; and, so doing.

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