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Follow along with these instructions and learn how to make a globe. The pdf file is set up for letter-size paper and will give you a globe a little more than six inches in diameter. You can make the globe larger or smaller by scaling the pieces on your computer or on a photocopier--just be sure to scale them all by the same amount. You can customize the pattern in an image-editing program before printing, or draw on the printed pattern to add labels, color or whatever else you need the pattern comes uncolored.

Print the pieces onto cardstock. For the reinforcement pieces, you can cut them out then trace them onto a heavier card, or glue them to heavier card and then cut them out, or you can laminate several layers of card together for stiffer pieces.

If you choose to laminate layers of card, be sure not to use too much glue to stick the layers together, and let them dry thoroughly under pressure so they won't warp. Cut out the four globe pieces. You'll see that each piece is shaped like half a flower with six petals. Cut between the "petals" up to the last line of latitude indicated on the pattern , but don't cut them all the way apart.

The tabs on the outer edges can be scored along the line where they join to the globe, and folded. Scoring isn't necessary, but it will make the folding easier and neater. The tabs between petals don't need to be scored or folded. To make your homemade globe, first assemble each hemisphere.

Make sure to match the two Northern pieces and the two Southern pieces with each other. Apply glue to the front side of the between-petal tabs, working one petal at a time. Use a thin layer of glue so it will stick faster, and attach each petal to the one next to it by lining up the lines of longitude and latitude. Hold the pieces in place with tape on the back side, if necessary. You will soon begin to get a curved shape. Once you have each quarter assembled, glue the two halves of the Northern Hemisphere together with their tabs, and do the same for the Southern Hemisphere.

Take the smaller of the two reinforcement pieces and make a hole through the center, where indicated on the pattern. Thread a length of fishing line, thread or string through it and knot it on one side so it can't pull through. Thread the free end of the string through the North Pole on your globe from the inside and pull it through until the reinforcement piece is at the top.

Now you have a string with which to hang your globe if you don't want to hang the globe, you can skip this step and make a short cylinder of paper or card for the globe to sit on instead. Now you need to glue the Northern Hemisphere to the larger reinforcement piece.

The tabs on the Northern Hemisphere need to be glued around the reinforcement piece, so dry-fit it first and trim the reinforcement piece to size if it's a bit too big. Spread glue on the inside surface of the Hemisphere tabs and glue them to the bottom of the reinforcement piece see the photograph. You may be still anxious and uncertain whether it is physically possible to provide a chance to pay to do my essay cheap on such a short notice, taking into account that the topic looks very specific.

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