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How can i motivate myself to do coursework?


❶I have used it ever since and usually have all my homework done before its due.

Please Do My Coursework For Me

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Explain that you are struggling, and ask for help with the bits youare struggling with and maybe a deadline extension. You dont need to make up an excuse, just tell the truth, be honest. No teacher would their students getting depressed and stressed over coursework, they would want to help and gude you acheive the best you can, thats their job. The longer you leave it, the worse it is going to get, so bite the bullet, speak to the teacher and together you can start an action plan of how to get your work done.

They will understand, and appreciate your honesty. I guarantee you will feel better for doing it than keeping it to yourself.

My father had a little phrase he always told me when I'd feel overwhelmed "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". Try not to look at the whole thing - break it into pieces. Sometimes its intimidating to tackle the project as a whole. Set your mind on your first task - maybe reading your texts.

Then take a little break. Then, work on just 1 of the essays, then take a break, etc. It won't seem so overwhelming. However, and I mean no offense to you, playing on the Y! A isn't getting you anywhere. Now, log off, grab something to eat and a nice cold drink, and get cracking. Victorysup Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Victorysup. Follow 8 Take a walk and come back and do your work. Hard work pays at last. Follow 9 Original post by CookieDoughLove That's why you should start as soon as you get it, before it starts to build up.

And the purpose of neg rep was what? The OP asked for advice, I gave it to him. Do you work before it builds up. I know neg rep means nothing, but I don't like it, it's so negative. Why can't people be positive and happy? Blueflare Follow 9 followers 15 badges Send a private message to Blueflare.

Follow 10 Your life sounds a lot like mine You just gotta do it. Think of the relief when it's over, and hopefully the happiness you'll feel when you get a good grade. Struggling to settle in at uni? Is it possible to become smart in 2 weeks?

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I can't do my coursework because I'm stressed about doing my coursework submitted 4 years ago by adhdstress I'm on meds for my ADHD but I need a temp solution to get me thru this coursework.

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Mar 17,  · I can't do my coursework! It's stressing me out so much and I've got no one who can help me, my teacher keeps asking me for it, I have no proper excuse for having not done it except that I'm really struggling with it, it's making me feel so depressed and now I'm so behind with it and keep getting more coursework to do on top of Resolved.

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Nov 12,  · I've got coursework and retakes to worry about and there's so much work, yet I just can't bring myself to do it. It's like the more work I get, the more I want to avoid it That's why you should start as soon as you get it, before it starts to build up. Why can’t i do my coursework. Posted on by admin. But on the other hand, i’m excited to find your blog. And did not enter college before her 21st birthday, and time demands are worth it. It is certainly tempting earning more money; zero chances again for not knowing Why can’t i do my coursework. I was a teacher for 10 yrs.

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