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Fish: A Tap Essay

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Down to the very subatomic level, existence is about transformation and conversion to new states. This simple and fundamental fact permeates every aspect of our lives, including our very literature. As each story unfolds, a reader is taken along on a wonderful journey and witnesses the transformation of many of the characters involved In my essay I will write about local and national provision and I will explain how and where people can practise dance from young children to mature people.

Everybody can be a professional dancer but it is so difficult. The best time for start learning is when we are a children. I think that big role makes the talent but I have no doubt that Bangarra Dance Theatre is broadly acclaimed within Australia and internationally as portraying the true spirit of its Aboriginal heritage. They make traditional culture obtainable and pleasurable in providing an enriching experience for the audience.

Dance is a type of art that generally involves movement of the body, often rhythmic and to music. It is performed in many cultures as a form ofemotional expression, social interaction, or exercise, in a spiritual or performance setting, and is sometimes used to express ideas or tell a story.

Dance may also be regarded as a form of nonverbal communication between humans or other My curiosity about clogging and step dancing began about a year ago, when I read a newspaper article about the success of the Irish dancing show Riverdance. The author stated that Irish step dancing had a major influence on Appalachian clogging, a form of American folk dancing.

I'd never heard of clogging before, and my knowledge of step dancing was limited as well. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. With a hour delay you will have to wait for 24 hours due to heavy workload and high demand - for free.

Choose an optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list. The question posed is: Gunter Grass' "The Tin Drum" is a historic look at a Polish family with a young son stunted by an accident. Oskar turns out to be a performing midget, who is ludicrous and yet endearing.

The themes of the book are complex, and the style is demanding, but it is a rewarding read that causes the reader to think, to feel, and to sometimes agree with the author's clearly defined themes. Does one sound more American than another or do you connect with one more than another? The definition of a quintessentially American sound often is based on the music's inspiration. For example, Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring is often called the archetypical American work of song, blending folk dances and sounds of the American mountain region into a ballet that is both classical and primeval all at once.

However, according to Copland when he elaborated on his creative process: The recurring motif of the work is both simple…… [Read More]. Potentialities and Limitations of Mockumentaries. Woody Allen's Zelig Woody Allen's Zelig represents many classic potentialities and limitations of the mockumentary. Predating the "mockumentary" designation by a full year, Zelig helped pioneer the mockumentary's use of clever parody to entertain, expose the fallibility of "historical" archival footage, prick the conscience and soothe.

Simultaneously, Zelig suffered and suffers from the limitations of the mockumentary, as parasite and slave to the documentary, inherent filmed format and key components imitated to the point of triteness.

In that film, documentarian Marty iBergi referred to his work as a "rockumentary, if you will" oherty In a small leap from that term,…… [Read More]. Mourning Becomes Electra It must have come as something of a shock for the original audience of Eugene O'Neill's Mourning Becomes Electra in to take their seats, open their programs, and discover that this extremely lengthy trilogy of plays does not actually contain a character named "Electra.

Yet this would have been precisely the case with the original audience in fifth century Athens for a Greek tragedy: Even the rare Greek tragedy that does introduce surprise into its plot, like the Orestes of Euripides, does so…… [Read More]. Understanding Mexico's Business Environment. Bringing Dick's Sporting Goods Into Mexico Dick's Sporting Goods is a company that is specialized in the manufacture and sale of sports gear within America and other 45 states around the world.

It was started in the year by one ex-soldier, ichard Stack. After the World War 2, ichard retired and started this company. In a short while, the company grew to countries beyond the United States of America.

The company also increased the capacity of its production and expanded the market. In all instances, the expansion was done to areas that were in need of the sports regalia. With developments in new sports in the world, the company has been in the forefront diversifying their production. This way, the company has kept being accustomed to the situation in the market. The expansion has also spanned through the areas of technology to bring new products that are better than…… [Read More].

Olive Garden Marketing Plan. Benefits of Integration in the Ci Humint Community. Human subjects are a crucial source of intelligence for counterinsurgency operations.

Several years back, the U. However, women still remain underrepresented in the same, and researchers remain largely divided on whether their participation in the same ought to be increased. Why Active Learning is Important in Schools. Early Childhood Special Education and English Second Language Capstone Proposal As Tomlinson points out in "Notes from an Accidental Teacher," a "zeal for learning" is one of the five elements and practices that make up effective teaching p.

This element has the most significance for me because I count it as the most essential aspect of what it means to be able to teach -- one must be eager to learn. A teacher cannot pass on to students what he or she does not know or already possess. Thus if a teacher has no zeal for learning, it is to be expected that the teacher will have nothing to pass on to students.

The desire to learn and to accumulate understanding is a necessary foundation for teaching: Melvilles Spouter Inn Some of the best descriptive essayexamples can be found among the writings of the greatest authors. Consider a chapter in Moby-Dick by Herman Melville: Look at the way Melville uses description to create atmospheric effect in the first line of Chapter 3: The Spouter Inn from Moby-Dick: Entering that gable-ended Spouter-Inn, you found yourself in a wide, low, straggling entry with old-fashioned wainscots, reminding one of the bulwarks of some condemned old craft.

Melville uses words like condemned to convey a sense of foreboding and doom, and the adjectives wide, low, straggling produce a claustrophobic effect on the readerone that pulls him in with force. Melville also uses consonance, assonance and alliteration to make the words flow more enjoyably and give the description a kind of musical quality.

Go to any chapter in Moby-Dick and you will…… [Read More]. Steve Jobs and Leadership. Jobs did not mince words or dance around what he wanted. Even if what he wanted was technically impossible—like sending radio waves through metal—he would insist that the engineers figure out a way to bring his vision to life. He was insistent, but he could back up his insistence with a vision that was truly innovative and revolutionary, which made his insistence meaningful.

Vogelstein identifies other personality traits of…… [Read More]. Mozart and Salieri Throughout the. In the scene where the Emperor and his aides argue about the language for the new opera, one of the aides notes, "Plain German for plain people," and "German is too brutal" "Amadeus". Underlying this conversation is the idea that the north could not possibly be civilized or educated, and only the elite and attuned listened to the classical music emanating from Italy.

This also indicates how the culture was changing, and indicates the difference between the two composers. Mozart welcomed writing in German, but was open to any language, while Salieri plodded along in Italian. He was not open to change and innovation, while Mozart championed it in his music and his life. Throughout the film, it is clear Salieri cannot grow to accept the changes in Classical music.

He represents the old morals of the enaissance, while Mozart represents the new morals of the Enlightenment that would forge…… [Read More]. References American Tap Dance Foundation. Oxford University Press, The Origins of Tap Dance.

Helium, 22 Sep Works Cited Contino, Patricia. Dorrance Dance in ETM: Double Down at the Joyce. References Hill, Constance Valis. Nalett, Jacqueline "Jazz Dance History. The Story of American Vernacular Dance. Krump Dancing View Full Essay. Works Cited Booth, William. Works Cited dePaola, Tomie.

Oliver Button is a Sissy. The Newspaper Stories of Rick Bragg. The University of Alabama Press, Since this type of music is a commodity, and standardization means it follows a pattern that is familiar to audiences, it must have little social value, other than brief entertainment. Taking this definition, then within the line of disdainful art we must place Shakespeare, Longfellow, even Hemingway; all of whom used a pattern to their writing, not simply for mass consumption, but as a skeletal structure of being.

Finally, for Adorno, the "vulgarization and enchantment… dwell together in the arrangements which have colonized large areas of music" Adorno, , p. That is to say that the only viable way art may exist is without entertainment value. This has some truth, one would certainly not argue that many of the films of the s, for instance, showing synchronized swimming, lavish set productions of tap dance, and tuneful songs with very little soul, were nothing but grand escapes for the masses from the ravages of the Great Depression.

However, lighting, electronic enhancement, instrumentation,. Works Cited Herr, Michael. Michael Herr, Dispatches New York: Vintage, , p. Isabelle and Therese from the movie Therese and Isabelle is a story about two lesbian women who defy convention by having a love affair in their boarding school. Their love is very intimate with scenes of conformity as Therese has sexual intercourse with a boy as an attempt to normafy herself as Goffman states on page 12 of his book, Stigma.

Scenes in the beginning of Therese's mother preparing her for marriage put pressure on the young woman to adhere to the gender identity and sexuality society predetermined for her. The scenes are sweet and innocent laced with a tinge of fear as they are become fearful of someone coming into the room to find them making love. A scene in Isabelle's room gets interrupted by a noise the couple hear from outside the hallway. Their relationship ends much like that of Maurice and Clive. In the novel, Maurice, Maurice and Clive are two college friends who engage in a homosexual relationship.

Unlike with Isabelle and Therese, they are not as intimate and the relationship lasts longer, for two years. Similarly however, Clive like Therese wishes to conform and be normal and decides to marry leaving Maurice alone.

The story however continues and Maurice finds solace and connection in Alec. However Alec blackmails him and in his attempt to cure what Dr. Larken terms, "congenital homosexuality" tries hypnosis.

Eventually his desire to rebel against society's norms and be with Alec lead him and Alec to relinquish leading closeted gay lives for a happy life with each other. Overall movies and films tend to show the world a different or unique perspective. These people like any other people struggle to conform, to meet the expectations of society, but also lead their own lives and fulfill their gender identity and sexual orientation.

After all, sexuality is a large part of a person. Art of Breakdancing View Full Essay. New York City, NY: References Author not Available. Hollywood Representations of the Lindy Hop, Duke University Press, The Jazz Cadence of American Culture.

Columbia University Press, JC Penney slashing prices on all merchandise. Is JC Penney's makeover the future of retailing? Retrieved April 19, from http: Many religious traditions have practices that could possibly be labeled meditation. In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, these practices are usually associated with prayer, contemplation, or recitation of sacred texts.

In the religious traditions of the Native Americans, Australian aboriginals, Siberian peoples, and many others, what could be identified as meditation techniques are incorporated within the larger rubric of shamanism.

It is, however, in the religions of Asia that meditation has been most developed as a religious method. Meditation has played an important role in the ancient yogic traditions of Hinduism and also in more recent Hindu-based new religious movements such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation program.

Short-Term Effects of Meditation vs. Relaxation on Cognitive Functioning. Gillian King - author, Jeffrey Coney - author. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. Authors cite the lack of relevant studies concerning the effect, if any, of meditation on short-term improvements in cognitive performance.

The results of this study clearly showed that meditation, per se, does not produce a short-term improvement in cognitive performance compared to other relaxation techniques. Works Cited Ayers, Edward L. The Promise of the New South: Accessed 7 February International Tap Association, 13 December. Accessed 9 February Michael Bennett View Full Essay.

References Clark, Daryl Kent. Dance Heritage Coalition, Jan. Off Broadway Musicals, References Anderson, Tammy L. Observations from Rave Culture. Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches.

Bibliography About learning and power. The emerging contribution of online resources and tools to classroom learning and teaching. Voss Water View Full Essay. The Source for Fine Waters. A People Environment Perspective London: Retrieved from Google eBooks at: Publication manual of the American Psychological Association 5th ed. Pendergrast, Mark Uncommon Grounds: Works Cited Anstey, Roger. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. Works Cited Thelma and Louise.

University of Illinois Press. Works Cited "Lady Gaga tells all. Contemporary Music View Full Essay. Dylan, Bob and Ellison, James. Younger Than That Now: A History of Western Music, 6th Edition.

Clinical Psychology View Full Essay. This may be related to the large decrease in familiar settings in the post-medication dreams. Although Domhoff does not list a high percentage of elements from the past as an indicator of psychopathology, he does mention that people suffering post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD , a type of anxiety disorder, tend to have dreams in which distressing events are relived again and again. It may be that other anxiety disorders invoke a similar response in which the dreamer has a tendency to dwell on past events, which merits further research.

A final observation is that the results of this study provide support for Hartmann's biological model of the effects of drugs on dreams. Based on his own research and the literature on drugs and nightmares, Hartmann proposed that drugs that increase the neurotransmitters dopamine or acetylcholine, or decrease norepinephrine or serotonin, produce nightmares and more vivid and bizarre dreams.

Drugs that have the opposite effects would decrease the incidence of disturbing dreams. The dreamer in this study was taking a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which served to increase the effects of serotonin.

According to the biological model, with the onset of medication the dreamer should have experienced a decrease in nightmares, or, in Hall and Van de Castle's terms, lower aggression, negative emotions, and other unpleasant factors. This was, in fact, the case. The emphasis on statistically significant differences without regard to effect sizes slowed progress in the study of dream content by creating unnecessary polarities and focusing energy on methodological arguments.

The introduction of effect sizes into the study of dream content makes it possible to suggest that the controversy over home and laboratory collected dream reports never should have happened. The emphasis in dream content studies henceforth should be on effect sizes and large samples. Then future dream researchers could focus on testing new ideas using dream reports collected either at home or in the sleep laboratory. Aging, Society and the Life Course. Environmental interventions and the design of homes for older adults with dementia: The keys to differentiation.

May 14 in Yangon, Myanmar. Benjamin, Amy Differentiated Instruction. Eye on Education Online available at http: Safety in the Secondary Science Classroom. Education on the edge of possibility. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Hills, Elijah Clarence and Morley, S. Anthology of Spanish Poetry: A Collection of Spanish Poems, Sport Movies Grow Up. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. Works Cited Alejandre, A. At its most basic level, a tap essay is just a series of static screens containing text and images, similar to a PowerPoint presentation.

Essays must be read linearly, from start to finish, and each tap on the mobile device advances readers from one screen to the next. Technically speaking, yes, the Tapestry platform is remarkably unsophisticated. But its simplicity belies its narrative and rhetorical power. Because the tap essay format is so constrained, authors must carefully consider every word, every image, and every transition.

Concision becomes incredibly important, as does the pacing of an essay. Do not be fooled — creating a successful tap essay is harder than it looks. Each of your tap essays will be unique, and I hope you will consult with me often as you develop your essays.

However, a few general guidelines should help you stay on track:. Get familiar with the tap essay format. Inside the mobile app, download and read at least ten different stories to get a feel for what makes a good tap essay. Brainstorm ideas for your tap essay. Before you begin worrying about images, fonts, and colors, you need to carefully consider what point you want to make with your essay.

Is it a manifesto? An attempt to explain a complicated idea in a simple way? A response to an essay or article you recently read? Any of these starting points could work well, as could several other approaches.

ENGL 3844, Fall 2013

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Fish: a tap essay This is a kind of manifesto about the difference between liking something on the internet and loving something on the internet. It’s also an experiment in a new format: a “tap essay,” presenting its argument tap by tap, making its case with typography, color, and a few surprises.

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Tap dance is an example of a non-partnered dance that is generally choreographed, with one or more participating dancers. A rhythmical tapping sound is attained by the dancer from the small metal plates on the dancer’s shoes. Explanatory Essay: Bottled Water or Tap Water? There are articles, flyers, and even books out in the market that try to persuade people to either use bottled water or .

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After downloading the app on your iPhone or iPad, you tap through a series of screens that collectively read as one essay. Written by Robin Sloan, author of the best-selling book Mr. Penumbra’s Hour Bookstore, the essay explores the difference between liking and loving something on the Internet. Tap essay - Order the required review here and put aside your worries Spend a little time and money to receive the dissertation you could not even dream about Essays & dissertations written by professional writers.